The Good Riddance Girl offers a service dealing with the practical aspects of conducting: estate, house, relocation and leaving the island sales. This service includes:

  • Prior appraisal and assessment
  • Inventory list (by pictures) of large sale items
  • Advertising/publicity/signs
  • Tagging, pricing, staging, reasonable sorting/cleaning*
  • Organization of sale area
  • Conduct of sale
  • Cashing of checks
  • Accounting and disbursement of funds

The Good Riddance Girl will endeavor to use all available resources to obtain a fair and just price for items that are entrusted to them for the sale.

The ‘Sale’ is normally done over a one (1) to three (3) day period, with the first day reserved for e-mail clients and invitees. This gives you top dollar for all items with No discounts on this day. If sale is done over 2 days, then there will be discounts if necessary on the first day.

The Good Riddance Girl will be responsible for valuations within the scope of their abilities and knowledge, and can be relied upon to identify or value antiques, collectibles, or other rare and valuable items only within that scope. Clients are advised to seek more expert advice where they feel it is necessary. Clients always have input in regard to pricing, keeping in mind that The Good Riddance Girl keeps abreast of local prices both for used and new items to insure that the client receives ‘what the market will bear’ in regards to a good and fair return for listed items.